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Instantly Implement!
12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity Program

Great Day, Attractive Thinker!  Do you have visions, dreams, and goals that you desire to create?  Do you find yourself attending meeting after meeting, conference after conference, yet your struggle to implement the notes that you take, the information that you receive, and all of the audios, Cd's, and books that you purchase?  Have you ever asked yourself, "Why can't I implement? Why can't I stay focused and follow through?"  No worries, Attractive Thinker!  Most of this frustration and procrastination is not your fault!!  There are some missing pieces to your success!  Information alone doesn't provide the fuel that is necessary to take action and create your visions, dreams, and goals! Information needs practical application in order to create clarity!  They don't teach that at the conference!  Have you ever had a friend, coach, mentor, teacher, preacher, etc. tell you "what" you should do and you walk away not knowing "how" to do it?  You walk away, then you encounter obstacles that you aren't clear about how to overcome.  Do you find yourself attending conference call after conference call, you struggle to keep up with all of the PIN numbers, and you still leave the call not fully believing that you can accomplish what you just heard?  Do you feel confused and struggle to figure out where to begin?  Information without practical application creates frustration and pushes your goals off to a future which never shows up!  Have you heard it once said, " A confused mind does nothing?"

photo Dr. Toni Green Screen Pic 5_zpshnccckx8.jpgWhen we gather in educational settings, be it grade school, college, church, conferences, etc. information is shared to a broad audience of people who are at different levels on their journey through life and at various levels of consciousness.  It's impossible to share one topic, lesson, or message and expect everyone to get it and run with it.  That information encounters various beliefs, barriers, filters, circumstances, etc.  This is why additional support is needed to bring clarity to the information received so that it can be implemented. When you shift from cloudy to clear, you accomplish goal after goal after goal!

Imagine... you're in traffic and you run into a fog.  What do you immediately do?  You begin to slow down.  It takes you longer to reach your destination, and due to fear, you may decide to pull over to the side of the road.  Once the fog lifts, you're able to see clearly, pick up speed, and reach your destination.  This also happens in life!  Thousands of people have slowed down in their lives and pulled over to the side of the road, putting their dreams on hold because they are in a fog and can't see clearly!

It's not that you haven't prayed hard enough or long enough.  It's not that you haven't begged and pleaded and cried long/hard enough.  It's not that you aren't working hard enough.  The reason that most people struggle to use the information that they receive to accomplish their visions, dreams, and goals is because they lack support, the vision is not clear, they don't have the proper tools to implement and to overcome the obstacles that they encounter along the way, and their mind is not "set"/focused in the direction that they desire to go!  It's time to shift from existing in the backseat of your life to living in the driver's seat, fully in control , focused, clear, and going in the right direction!  

What is an Attractive Thinker?
     ...a person with VISION who can SEE BEYOND what they are looking at and has the COURAGE to FOCUS on what they see until it MANIFESTS!  

It takes mental strength to develop the mental capacity to hold onto a thought until it becomes your reality!  It takes courage to see beyond your current circumstances and create from the unseen.  ...your vision, dreams, and goals.  The Instantly Implement! 12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity program will support you in properly applying your Attractive Thinker Tools so that you Think in alignment with the thing that you desire despite the distractions!

WARNING!!  When you enter the presence of a Vision Expert, expect to SEE clearly!

No words will adequately express how beautifully Dr. Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker and Vision/Mindset Expert  illuminated my circumstances. The same qualities and experiences that seem bleak and unadorned, Dr. Hatton saw as a critical part of the process/God-given tools and talents to be appreciated & leveraged for my success. In the midst of all of her personal and professional pursuits, Dr. Hatton followed up with me and poured into my life which evoked a refreshed mindset!  I implore you to begin your journey in the pursuit of happiness by contacting Dr. Hatton, NOW. She will guide you in seeing yourself and visualizing your future in a way that you have never seen before. Toni Hatton has an amazing heart, gift and willingness to co-create your personalized plan of success. DON’T THINK, JUST DO!!!  ~ Attractive Thinker Sharonda

"When the Vision is Clear, it is Pursued and Manifested!"

Instantly Implement!
12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity Program

photo Dr. Toni Green Screen Pic _zpstcp88r9r.jpg"Money without Meaning Equals Misery!"
When you are whole, the accomplishment of your life & business goals has more meaning and fulfillment!

We'll spend 12 weeks together as I walk you through 6 areas of your life that affect every part of your life and success! When one of these areas is out of balance, it affects the balance in all of the other areas.  If you wake up every day with a headache and can't figure out how to balance your blood pressure/blood sugar, your energy is affected.  Your business is affected.  Your goals are affected and how much you accomplish that day is affected.  If you're not surrounded by positive relationships and you constantly have to explain why you want more than the status quo or you are lacking the support that you need to stay inspired and motivated, this too affects every other area of your life.  Everything flows through you... your vision/mindset, your health, your relationships, your environment, your business, and your finances!  Whenever you desire to create/accomplish something new, that new idea has to encounter an old mindset, faulty beliefs, doubt, fear of failure, fear of success, childhood experiences, headaches, high blood pressure, low energy, etc.  Since every area of your life is affected by any one area of your life, why not make them all your priority?  The Instantly Implement! 12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity program is a wholistic approach to accomplishing your life & business goals!  

"Dr. Toni, This is Exactly What I Need!  I Can't Wait to Get Started!"
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As soon as you register, check your email for your Pre-Program Assignments to prepare the soil of your mind for what's about to be planted!  Exciting, huh?!!  Yes, this is your defining moment!!

When you enroll in the Instantly Implement!  
12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity Program, you'll discover that:

In Order to Accomplish Any Goal in Your Life and/or Your Business, the Focus Must Begin with YOU!
These 6 Areas that Affect You Daily will Become ONE, So that You're Not Running Over Here Trying to Fix & Grow This and Running Over There Trying to Fix & Grow That!

Lessons 1 & 2 Begins with YOU!
Lessons 3 & 4 Targets Where YOU Place Yourself!
Lessons 5 & 6 Focuses on What Flows Through YOU!

Lesson 1: Your Vision & Mindset Clarity Lesson Will Support You in Bringing Clarity to What It Is that You Desire to Accomplish (so that you are crystal clear and not all over the place, disorganized, and trying to accomplish too many things all at once) & in Developing the Proper Mindset that is Needed to Attract versus Chase Your Visions, Dreams, & Goals!!

Week 1:   Vision/Mindset Clarity & Attractive Thinker Tools to Instantly Implement!
Week 2:   Live Topic Discussion and Q&A Session for a Deeper Experience
How far can you see Attractive Thinker?  What do you see?  Is it clear or are you starting and stopping/picking your dreams up and putting them down? Whatever the mind is "set" on pre-determines what gets created.  In this lesson, we will clarify your visions, dreams, and goals, and implement life-altering Attractive Thinker tools that engage the power of the mind to accomplish what you desire!

Lesson 2: Your Health & Wellness Clarity Lesson Will Support You in Increasing Your Energy, Releasing Excessive Weight, & Aligning Your Food and Your Body with Your Life/Business Goals while Ending the Self-
Sabotage & Cravings!

Week 3:   Health & Wellness Clarity
& Attractive Thinker Tools to Instantly Implement!
Week 4:   Live Topic Discussion and Q&A Session for a Deeper Experience
     As long as humanity has existed on this earth, we should not be struggling and trying to figure out how to be healthy!  We are conditioned to eat a certain way and to prepare our foods a certain way.  The majority of sickness/dis-ease is due to lifestyle choices. Our wellness goals are being sabotaged with fast food availability, junk food, and sugary drinks, convenience, comfort, and ease.  Food that is void of nutrition robs the body of the energy that it needs to function throughout the day and keep the body healthy.  It takes this same energy to accomplish your visions, dreams, and goals!   In this lesson, you'll see your health in a new light and receive the practical tools necessary to position your body to work for you and not against your visions, dreams, and goals!

Lesson 3: Your Relationship Clarity Lesson Will Support Your in Developing and Attracting the Proper Relationships/Clients/Customers that Grow Your Business & Release What is Not Working!

Week 5:   Relationship Clarity
& Attractive Thinker Tools to Instantly Implement!
Week 6:   Live Topic Discussion and Q& A Session for a Deeper Experience
     We've heard it once said, "Your relationships influence you!"  Sometimes we think that we are strong and can handle negativity.  Maybe the relationships aren't negative, they just are not supporting you in getting to where you need to be in your life.  It doesn't mean that they aren't good people.  It just means that they cannot get you to where you desire to go and/or they can't go where you are going.  Relationship Clarity is key to your success.  Have you heard it once said, "Everything happens at the speed of relationships?"  

Lesson 4: Your Environment Clarity Lesson Will Support You in Identifying and Creating the Proper Environment that Guarantees the Growth of Your Visions, Dreams, & Goals & Uproots What is Hindering them from Growing!

Week 7:   Environment Clarity
& Attractive Thinker Tools to Instantly Implement!
Week 8:   Live Topic Discussion and Q&A Session for a Deeper Experience
    Everything has an environment in which it THRIVES!  Certain things cannot grow in certain environments no matter how hard we try, how good we are, and how good our hearts and intentions are.  It's a universal law!  Everything was created to thrive somewhere and when the environment is not conducive for growth, things begin to die, we see no fruit, and we begin to lose hope, question ourselves and our ability, and consider giving up!  Together, let's create an environment where your visions, dreams, and goals can become your reality!

Lesson 5: Your Business Clarity Lesson Will Give You the Proper Tools to Strengthen & Clarify Your Goals and Support You in Creating a Successful Business while Ending the Fear of Failure & Success, Procrastination, Doubt and Unbelief!

Week 9:   Business Clarity & Attractive Thinker Tools to Instantly Implement!
Week 10: Live Topic Discussion and Q&A Session for a Deeper Experience
    Everyday, someone is shifting from employee to entrepreneur!  It takes courage to believe in yourself and your ability to finance your own lifestyle while creating a life of meaning and fulfillment at the same time.  Time is precious and something that we cannot get back.  Your time is your life!  The clock is constantly ticking.  When you spend time, you're spending your life.  All money is not good money if it has no meaning!  As an Entrepreneur, you get to make a difference while making your dollars!  Money without meaning has no value!  Whether you're an employee shifting into entrepreneurship or an employee and an entrepreneur, these are two different mindsets and in this lesson, we will develop the mindset of an entrepreneur for business clarity!  

Lesson 6: Your Financial Clarity Lesson Will Support You in Raising Your Money Consciousness, Developing a Grander Relationship with Your Money, and in Increasing the Flow of Money in your Life/Business!

Week 11: Financial Clarity
& Attractive Thinker Tools to Instantly Implement! 
Week 12: Live Topic Discussion and Q&A Session for a Deeper Experience
Money flows!  If it encounters faulty beliefs, ab-use, or an environment where it cannot flow and grow, it will not stay.  This is the reason why many win millions of dollars in the lottery and soon end up broke.  Money flowed to them but the environment wasn't conducive for the money to grow and it did not stay.  Money needs a purpose/a meaning!  Money that does not have meaning has no value!  In this lesson, you'll discover the purpose of money and how to create an environment where money can flow, grow, and stay in your life/business!

You'll also receive life-altering Attractive Thinker Tools to instanly implement with precision and clarity!  Be sure to get a notebook to keep your Attractive Thinker Assignments, Worksheets, and Tools in one central location.  Once you register, you will receive an email with pre-homework assignments and next steps to prepare you for the next 12 weeks.  You'll also have access to a Private Members Only Area in which we can communicate throughout the next 12 weeks so that you receive immediate support to flow through obstacles instead of getting stuck in them.  Create a quiet place to focus on this program for best results!  

BONUS:  You'll have access to the Private Members Only area for an additional 3 months for additional support with overcoming obstacles that you may encounter after your 12 Week Program!!  How cool is that?!!  No more walking alone trying to figure it all out and falling back into the same 'ole/same 'ole routines that don't produce results in your life!

The Instantly Implement 12 Weeks Vision & Mindset Clarity Program Takes Place On
Wednesdays, at 8pm Eastern for the next 12 weeks, so mark your calendars, set alarms in your cell phone, and set aside this time just for you!  

"Dr. Toni, This is Exactly What I Need!  I Can't Wait to Get Started!"
Click the Button Below for the Full-Pay Option!

Click the Button Below for the 4-Pay Option!

As soon as you register, check your email for your Pre-Program Assignments to prepare the soil of your mind for what's about to be planted!  Exciting, huh?!!  Yes, this is your defining moment!!

Hello Attractive Thinkers! I'd like to extend a heartfelt moment of gratitude to Dr. Toni Hatton! Dr. Toni, you have helped me breakthrough some challenges in my life & uproot some things that I had masked down for so many years! For that, I say God Bless you and Thank You! Attractive Thinkers, Dr. Toni has a way of listening that is unheard of.  She hears things in the conversation before you really have the chance to say them. I hope this doesn't sound corny, but when you are fumbling through things of the past and dealing with issues that you don't want to unveil, here is one point where she knows exactly how to gently step in and help you. That sore painful spot that you don't want to touch... You know the spot I am speaking of... that pain, that anger, that resistance, that agony and all of that darkness. That is the spot that she helps you to continue to rub and once you continue to rub that sore spot, this is when your breakthrough happens. There is life on the other side of that spot! If you are thinking of collaborating with Dr. Toni, just do it. You and your future self will be glad that you did! Dr. Toni, Continue to Bless Others!   ~Attractive Thinker Coach Lakesha


At the end of the Instantly Implement! 12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity program you will have not only the information to reach your goals in the above key areas, but you will have the proper Attractive Thinker Tools to keep you focused, on fire, motivated, and clear as to what you are doing, why you are here, how to show up in the world, what to accomplish next, and how to bring balance in your thinking, your health, your relationships, your environment, your business, and your finances!  You will have the proper perspective of obstacles, challenges, and frustrations and the proper tools to move through them instead of getting stuck in them!  You'll discover how to maximize what you do have to create what you don't have!  When there's balance, what's been yours all along will begin to flow to you with ease!

I look forward to supporting you in Vision & Mindset Clarity!
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~Keep Thinking Attractively!

Dr. Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker
Your Vision/Mindset Expert

"My Life's Work is to Make Your Life Better!
Remember, It's Not What You're Going Through, But How You're Viewing It!

~Think Attractively!

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